Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gettin' Carrie-d Away!!!

YAY!!!! This is what my Saturday night consists of:


Dominoes Pizza, Sex and the City, & freakin’ ibuprofen 400MG. I have this killer pack pain so I had to pass on my night out with my girlfriends

I'm cool with it though. The ibuprofen is making me sleepy anyhow.

BUT WAIT!!!! WTF!!!! Why is my DVD skipping? I just took it out the wrapper and it's my first time watching & my dvd player is new. Best Buy here I come tomorrow. Shit is unacceptable.

Hope you guys are enjoying ya sat night out. Drink enough liquor for meeeee

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Sexxy Luv said...

lol @ your saturday night! Mines was and the laptop hung tight and blogged the night away! lol

hope you're feeling better now lil sis!

i.can't.complain. said...

prescription drugs and sex and the city

aint much better than that


kmx. said...

Looks like fun to me!!
But I hope your pain goes awayy!

- Have a great rest of the weekend. =)

William H. said...

u should of rented "the office"...sooooooooooooooo funny..:)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

whats in the pill bottle jones

Ms. Behaving said...

Save for the back pain and your having to pop ibuprofen, it sounds like a pretty cool way to spend your Saturday.

Hope your back is feeling better and that you didn't have any issues getting BestBuy to give you a replacement DVD.

P.N.* said...

sooooooo im about to cut u off as an amiga!
--i def woulda watched satc movie!!! on sat!...well maybe. lol.
--and how come u aint put me on to this ciara song? mmm mm mmm...SMH

Who are u? LOL

P.N.* said...

oh yea poor Best Buy employees! i done seen u action.

A.M. said...

@sexxy luv:
blogging is always a good time sissy!!! :)

@ I cant complain:
Well this is true. But then I felt better...& then worst lile, "damn I wish my life turned out like Carrie's."

@ kmx
Hey luv. Yes, I feel much better now :) Thankies

@ Torrance:
is aid it...Ibuprofen 400MG!!! U weren't listening...well reading :(

@Ms Beaving:
Well it's been a busy week at school so I haven't made it to best buy yet...but I will trust me

@ P.N.
hey hey hey hey. U were going out! Us two this weekend?
& yea..the best buy people must not know bout me. SMH