Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy White Chick!


Some people are straight psycho. This woman claimed that a 6'4" Black man attacked her and carved a "B" into her face for being a John McCain supporter. Later on, authorities found inconsistencies on her story, polygraph tested her, and found out she was plain ole lying.

It's sad because untimely I guess she was being racist-why did she have to choose a black man?

& obviously she was trying to say that Black people are really radical when it comes to this particular election. However, in all actuality she is the crazy one for carving a B into her face and fabricating an entire story.

She gets a major thumbs down!!!

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Sasha said...

White people are off the chain with this election. Sadly I'm white. My best friend's cousin was freaking out on her saying she's only voting for Obama because she dates black men.

??? really?

Sexxy Luv said...

that "B" stand for Beat that Bitch down! lol

how dare she do something so stupid....goes to show racism still exists.

so sad.

Saitek said...

i knew this story was BS when they first reported it. most robbers are focused on getting away from the crime scene after they mug someone, not discuss or enforce political beliefs.

she gets a big "sitcho ho ass down" from saitek.

Tha L said...

the coolest part of this story to me is that her dumb ass will have a backwards B on her face for life. Dumb bitch.

wonder.woman said...

WOW...i have no words

im up and running btw!!!

karrie b. said...

heffa needs her ass beaten, FOR REAL this time damnit.


Jayne Dough said...


Sarah said...

Oh, yeah...that's not eyeliner at all smeared around her eye.

I can't believe she did that backwards. Silly. Reminds me of the scene in 'Mean Girls' where Karen puts the sequin 'K' on her chest backwards...only much less adorable.

Sarah said...

Oh, and that thing on your profile says 'wish' instead of 'wise'...just having your back, girl. =)

A.M. said...

@ Sasha:
No way...not sad that you're white, trust me they are a lot of ignorant black people too. It's a universal thing lol

@ Sexxy luv:
Yes sissy! so sad. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the b-day weekend :)


@tha l:
Bet she didn't think of that one SMH

@wonder woman:
I'm on my way ya blog that is lol

@ Karrie b:
Ms. B..she sure does. People huh. We need to take her ass to bk lol

@ Jayne doughL
Yea gurl...

@ Sarah:
funny and thankies...I'll be sure to fix it up!!!

Far said...

ok thats messed up