Sunday, October 12, 2008

...Cause You're Just a Boy!

Yes I'm really screaming & this really made my day.

I don't think I've explained enough to you guys how much I'm in love with Beyonce. I'm all about the guys but I swear her and I are gonna get married one day and have 10 kids lol.

Needless to say, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that she is back. Her two songs out right now, I likey. "If I were a Boy" B girl, I feel you on that one. If only they could be put into our shoes for just one day.

Then there is "Single Ladies Put a Ring on it."

All I gotta say is, "don't be mad once you see that he want it" LOL gotta love this girl.

But on to the best part:

Beyonce- If I were a Boy (official Video)

I'm so happy that she did it this way because people were already hating. Why is she biteing of Ciara???vblah blah blah. Don't even know why they bothered because Beyonce and Ciara are def not even in the same category.

With that being said...Things i like most about the video:

1) Unlike Ciara's "Like a Boy" She wasn't literally, physicallyy a boy, she just delivered the actions and mind state of a guy.

2) How she sill managed to get her sexiness in there LOL...Did you see my girl in the locker room...hehe She was still feminine, dominant, and straight sexy :)

3) When the roles switched back( the conversation they had back at the house)...smooth transition.
But enough about what I think, what how do you guys like the video? I promise I won't bite your heads off too much lol :)

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

arent we the music critic - well donr albeit biassed (u love here anyway) be good jones

1980 said...

i dont really like the song, but i've watched it on mute 3 times straight now!! lol that locker room scene is serious!!

1/3 said...

i love the video! they captured the emotions of someone being unfaithful. i also like how pretty B was! yea im heading to the gym like right now lol

le0 said...

Check out that new joint on my blog!

A.M. said...

U know try...

@ 1980:
Are u tryna say u use my B for her sexiness? SMH

@ 1/3
Yea she sure did. Go Bey Go bey!!!

@ leo:
Will do!

karrie b. said...

lol @ 1980

the only similarities between this and ciara's joint is the title of the song and the fact that it's black and white.


Anonymous said...

Thank you :) look at this emo boy one at this blog: