Thursday, October 9, 2008

WTF!!!! What up pimpin????

I'm back sooner than I expected after my post today. Is this what my life has amounted to...guy approaching me with, "what up pimpin?" Do I look like I deserve such greetings? Do I? DAMN!!!

I'm sitting on my university's libray steps and this dude(yes I'm abouut to put him on blast)...


...addresses me with that BULLSHIT!
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He was gross looking (and had the nerve to be singing too). I know that's mean but quite frankly like smokey said in Friday (luv that movie) I DONT GIVE A FUCK! Asking me dumb ass questions. I kept giving him one word answers and then he finally got the point and was like, "where are you from?" "Ny," I responded. HERE he gooes, "I can tell, you have an attitude."

DUDE WHATEVA!!! Jus cause I don't wanna talk to you doesn't mean I have an attitude and LADIES don't u just luv (well hate) it when a dude try to holla and because u played his ass he wants to all of a sudden be a hater. SMH

On a side note...FUCK THE PHILLies. I HOPE THEY LOOSE tonight. I'm tired of all these damn philly teams Eagles and all. I'm a NYer at heart and can't wait to get out of this whack ass state next yr when college is ova.
This LA journalist called it a "a dingy city" & that's what the hell it is.

In case you guys haven't noticed, I'm feelin' a bit agressive today.

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Ms. Lovely said...

lmaoOOO@ you putting him out there! I so feel you. I hate those cornballs that always try to be extra "cool". Ugh. He needs a shape up too. Anywho we all have those bitchy days ;(

i.can't.complain. said...

what's say u channel that aggression into something productive

like say....



Andre said...

you had the camera right in dudes face! SMH y'all new york girls are something else boy I tell you...

And it's not just dudes deep down everybody hates rejection, some wack mufuckas are just less better at hiding it.

Sexxy Luv said...

why does it look like he's eating sunflower seeds? maybe that's what i see....idunno.

I'll be happy when you leave to cause i'ma hurt somebody starting with his dirty lookin' azz! ugh!

have a great weekend lil sissy! :)

A.M. said...

@ Ms. Lovely:
Yea...even if I wasn't attracted to him and he was more of a gentleman I would have at least been nice back and turn him down nicely.

@ i cant complain: always help. But ya gurl is on a serious BUDGET lol

@ Andre:
what do u mean we're something else?lol lemme know

@ Sexxy luv:
He was eating & singing on something LMAO...don't know what...didn't care
Hope ur weekending is bangin with the kiddies too MUAHZZ :)

aLwAySz said...

Awww man He's a LAME!

Don't he know he shoul'da been like
"YO MAAAAA! Shorty with the Nice Blog!"
Duh that gets em everytime. . .
None the less he is a LAME and ima be back on my blog game soon.

Been working long hours for 8 days straight and counting.

Blog U Soon :)

Anonymous said...

real whack philly teams are killin it
ny sucks that guy is the man

A.M. said...

@ always:
YAY!!! ur back...and yea, that would have been a way better approach.

@ Anonymous: ie DANNNN!!!! LOL
eff u :)

Super Woman said...

I go to school out of state too and i must say i hate when people ask me where im from because they then turn it into some kind of a diss. "Oh where are you from?" i say "NY" they say "Oh im scared to go to new york i might get shot" WTF do you mean by that??? Are you saying we are all hoodlums? SMH

A.M. said...

@ Super Woman:

I know what u mean smh with u. But I'm in Philly so they better not talk that shit cause they shoot each other every day

Da Hunni Toya said...