Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Noooooooooooo! Not my BlackBerry!!

So I'm sitting here in British Literature blogging VIA my Blackberry. Speaking of my Blackberry, my boss knocked it off the table, cracked the screen in the corner, and knocked out the little ball that scrools. OMG!!! You guys know I almost had a heart attack. My phone is my life. Don't really wanna walk around with a cracked screen so I called T-mobile and they said-with insurance- I would have to pay130 dollars to get a new one. Really I don't think I should have to pay it especially since I didn't mess it up and I don't think I should have to look at the crack all day. Do you guys think I should call her up and be like, "ah yea, it cost 130 dollars to fix my phone, get on it!"? Besides that, I guess everything else is okay. Worked all weekend so I had no time for blogging. Now I'm back at school sitting in my 5th class for today. Hope to hear from you guys soon :)

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Melody.Darlene said...

ummm hell yess!! ur boss better buy u a new one! that shouldnt even be a question!

Andre said...

it's cause of guys like me you gotta pay that high ass insurance...I used to hit T-mobile up for reals with my sidekicks..

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Boss needs to kick in Gurl.

Cat Hill said...

She you dropped it so she definitely should pay...I mean she can't fire u or nothin' she knocked it off the table...Yo I would be pissed!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

Um yea you need to run that by the boss that cracked screen is not the business!!

Lil sissy is getting that education! Hey now!

aLwAySz said...

awwww poor phone,

One time (at band camp lol) i was on my MDA, sneezed, and threw my phone into a corner.

The screen was cracked & i had to pay that $130.

I think your boss should at least give you half. If you end having to pay make sure it's not a "REFURBISHED"piece of crap (like mine was).

PS: I knew it had to be some silly skuntish thing that showed my GT-ness :).

Ms. Lovely said...

you think your phone situation is bad. I've been walked around with an inverted screen for 3mths. I had to learn how to read my text messages backwards..its soooo frustrating!

5th class? that sucks :(

A.M. said...

@ melody darlene:

@ Andre:
So this is ur fault?lol u suck hehe

@ Kwana:
She sure does!

@ Cat Hill:
& pissed I am...what da dealy with ya blog?

@ sexxy luv:
SISSYYYY!!!! misssed ya! and yea man...school is no joke.

@ Alwaysz:
it's funny someone told me a band camp story today as well lol...and yea, I'ma try to get a new one.

@ Ms. lovely:
yikes that is bad. gurl u betta work it out :/

Sass said...

awwww what is going on with these damn blackberries! i don't know if you should ask your boss for the money but i would def be on some passive agressive shit like "umm so and so, you know i have to pay 130 to get a new phone to replace the one that you destroyed..." lol i just got the sunset curve. me likey.. i need a case or something tho.

Da Hunni Toya said...