Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Truth: Pt. 3

I'm.a freaking punk.I don't like confrontation. Don't know what's wrong with me total opposite of my parents. So its been difficult for me to deal with the room mate situation I told u all about earlier.

Tues morning I'm walking out the door to class and here she comes behind me asking me to use my key because she left her man in OUR house and needed my key to lock the door.

So we're on our way to school together and I thought this would be the perfect time to bring it up.

Me: so tell me if you think I'm being harsh, but I'm tired of seeing your boyfriend everyday.

Her: laughs.

Me: no seriously, I am. I'm only here 3 days out of the wk, we share all the bills, and I can't be comfortable in my own home. You see how u can walk around in your bra? I can't do that because he is ALWAYS here.

Her: but he broke his bed at his. House.

Me: ahh, honestly that's what u said a month ago and that's none of my concern. Do you understand where I'm coming from?

Her: yes. I do

Me: and another thing I really don't like it that he's there when ur not. Like u really left him here that wknd when u went to ny.

Her: but he had to watch the dog.

Me: ummm...couldn't he do that at his house..

Then the conversation just died out. That was tuesday morning and a whole two days later, he is still here. UGH!!! Like right now. Its almost two in the morning and I'm laying here stressed while they are probably happy as hell laying up in her bed. She obviously hasn't made any moves to make me feel comfortable over the last 2 days.
What ya'll think about it?.

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Anonymous said...

you should be more assertive.

her excuses really suck.

Sasha said...

tell her he goes or she starts paying 2/3 of the rent.

my friend just went through a really bad roommie situation. this chick was on her ass for the light bill, and two days before the light bill is due she brings her sisters to the house and they all jumped her!!

living with people is ROUGH. but you need to tell her point blank, you pay rent there and you dont want him there, if they would like to spend every waking moment together or if he would like to spend all his time in a home where he isnt paying rent, they can do that together on their own dime.


A.M. said...

@ velle:
Tell me about it.

Thanks a ton for all your advice, you're the best :)

(vixenchick) said...

go hard on the girl! she needs to know that her bf being there all the time is not good for you.



p.s.: i just read ur last two posts, and i just wanted to tell you to keep ya head up. things will get better.

i love u!

Judy D. said...

i think u need to be an ultimatum on that ass... cuz when u made an agreement to have a roommate he wasnt a part of it!

tell her, i'll take yr ass to judge judy or something.

TimahTimah said...

smh. maybe you need to say it in front of him. or better yet you said it to her if a week goes by and nothing has changed tell his ass that he is invading your space and he needs to go. If nothing changes then sorry but it has to get ugly.....

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yea folk
u need to (wo)man up

A.M. said...

@ vixen:
Awww thank u sweetie. Luv u too :) I'm not depressed or n e thing just trying to get all my thoughts out so they don't eat me up. Just a week of truth. U know everyone has to be truthful with themselves.

@ judyd:
Yea I know what you mean, I've been being too nice

@ timah:
Crazy cause my parents said the same thing like she prob didn't even say n e thing to him, so I need to say whatever I have to say with both of them there this time. Thanks timah :)

kmx. said...

I would just give her an ear full because apparently homegirl isn't gettin it! Gotta be more aggressive or she won't take you seriously.

Is there any way you could like, kick her out?!? lol.

Stay up girlie; =]

Ms. Lovely said...

wow, I know how you feel. One of my roomates brings her b/f to the apartment. I can't stand when I have to cover up just to walk to get a glass of water. She's been good with spending the night over his house sometimes or just keeping him in her room. She doesn't leave him in the house alone either. I think you should bring it up again because you should be able to feel comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't bite ur tongue anymore. How would she like it if you did it to her..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the love as well sweetheart

Sexxy Luv said...

i'm going to check the price for tickets right now cause his ass has to go!

i don't like the fact that you are awake at 2am stressed the fk out and not able to do you because she can't say what needs to be said to her man!

*sissy is pissed*

A.M. said...

@ sissy:
well I haven't seen him so far for today. Bout to go home now. No worries, I'm done being a push over and will be sure to let u know how the rest of it goes :)

Sexxy Luv said...

i'm still at 10 so tell me something + i had to curse BD out! :\

n0days0ff said...

I had a roommate for a couple years and everything was perfect....until he got a girlfriend. She was a total asshole.she wouldn't got to the point where I felt like the outsider

Da Hunni Toya said...