Tuesday, November 18, 2008

& I'm Thankful Pt. 1

It's Tuesday, and just another day for me. I'm here back in Philadelphia dealing with "the happy family." I just can't be bothered. Just know before this week is out I'm spazzing on somebody.

Remember I said this would be "& I'm thankful" week, well here goes...

& I'm thankful for my mom!


I realize that may seem cliche, but it is what it is. Without my mother, seriously, I don't know where I would be. All my life she has been a single mother struggling to give me the things she NEVER had.

When we migrated from Guyana,SA, she could have left me there as so many parents do. But she wasn't having it. She took me with her. Through out all my schooling so far, she has been there encouraging me even though she didn't have the ed. I'm obtaining. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even be in college because I wouldn't be able to afford it. My mom has used the LAST of her savings for her dream house, to ensure I don't stay out of school not one semester.


Kisses for my mommmy!

There is never a time when I'm in trouble and can't count on my mommy for help. So ya'll better be thankful for her too, because if she wasn't here for me...there would be no A.M. Lol.


Luvs Her!!!

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karrie b. said...

i'm sure your mom is as awesome as you say. sweet post.


p.s. ive been reading all your "the truth" posts...WOW.

Sexxy Luv said...

i'm thankful for your mommy lil sis. you should have posted the pictures of her when she was helping you move, one of those would have went great with this post. :)

♥ sissy

A.M. said...

@ Karrie b;
Yea writing the truth post was intense but yet helped me out a lot.

@ Sissy:
guuurrrlll so my computer is broken, my lap top so usually if I'm in the house in Philly I blog from my blackberry, which is now broken as well. So I couldn't add the pic which I was so gonna do :/

I'm on my friends computer now though, so imma do it.

(vixenchick) said...

aw.....your mom is so cute!

Rhamier "2 Bad" Auguste said...

my dad is a singlen parent in this relationship. My mom somewhere else buying Gucci bags for herself.

A.M. said...

isn't she! :)

LMAO ahh wow. Well it's nice to see a father steping but because really, they aren't many of those.

P.N.* said...

oh shit i see deseree got her groove back w/o u! Lol I miss u much lmao @ that last pic cuz she is not feeling u. and....

u know i was dying when you said yall migrated from Guyana! :D

p.s. this confirmed my code of arms tattoo.

A.M. said...

@ P.N.
Yo i fucking hate u...yes Im sure u were having a GOOOOOD ass laugh at that. I miss u more lol

Da Hunni Toya said...

Awwww this is a nice & sweet post