Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Truth: Pt. 4

I've slighted the ones who really care!

This is neither a comment nor a question, just something that popped up in my mind. Why do woment treat their man better than their friends? Friends are much like a family. Most of the time relationships with friends are lasting ones. No matter how far you may drift apart, you still hold that person in your heart.

But when we get a man, we diss our friends and I know everyone of you is guilty of this,because so am I. You make plans with your girl but your man wants to do something so you either cut the time short or you make up an excuse and off you go to your beau. Its your friends birthday and you can't afford to buy her a gift. However, when your man's birthday rolls around no matter what your financial state of being, you make that watch he so badly wanted happen.

At the end of the day, when things may not have worked out with Mr. Wrong, you run right back to your girlfriends crying, angry, upset, and they are the ones left to pick you up.

On the other hand, a man will not do the same for you. If he made plans to chill with his boys that's just what he's going to do. Why put someone first who is probably only going to temporairly be there.

This is why my notions have changed. I just don't want to be bothered. My family and friends come first because I'm sure of always having them in my life. I'm sure they will always love and support me; after all they've only proven it time and time again. Never again will I stand a girlfriend up, switch up our plans, skim on her gift, Never!!!
The friends I have, they come first...and that's just where I am in my life right now.

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n0days0ff said...

I had a situation where I was with a girl and everytime I wanted to see her she had to do something with her friends,mom, cousins etc... I left that situation cause I was making her my #1 and I was like #9 on her list. Like everything else in life, you need balance

Velle Of CPC said...

Alot Of Girls Say They Will Never Do It Again And They Run Right Back Around And Do It Again.... My Best Friend Is Notorious For It.

She Says She Does It Because She Feels Like You Never Know If He Could Be The One So Why NOT Put The Effort Into The Dude.

Sasha said...

we arent having sex with our friends.

insecure women have a hard time balancing their man with their friends.

ive SOOOO gotten over that.

i know first hand that in order to have a healthy relationship, i cant make my man the sun the moon and the stars. i need healthy female relationships (friendships) as well.

gotta have both.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I dont know bout that but i treat my woman better than my frioends - whats wrong than that - if u feel she is a woman or a queen

1/3 said...

i feel like there should def be a balance. Im guilty of canceling on friends for bf at that time. putting fam and friends first is definitely the best route.

A.M. said...

@ No days off:
Let's keep it real. Most guys aren't like u. Sure we can say its the people I've come across, but hey I'm coming across more of those than ur yes I'm sticking with what I said :)

I completly agree with you. There has to be a balance. I think people act that way because they r afraid of loosing that relationship because they know friends and fam will always be there.

I also understand what u said about people saying they will be diff but then aren't. Thankfully that isn't me anymore. I am sure to give my friends the respect and attention they deserve when I'm dating someone because like I said, I know they r the ones who are gonna always love me.

@ torrance:
I'm glad uve got it down :) u should.

Like I said, we're all guilty of it..its just something us as women have to become more concious of and fix it.

Sexxy Luv said...

my #1 priority is always my family...(my 3 lil bears). i don't have the type of freinds to put them above anyone because i don't have a strong connection with them.

i'm guily of this too, and it's only because i love head and dack! lmao!

have a great weekend

♥ sissy

Judy D. said...

i dont do that

i have had it done to me tho, plenty of times...

Zi comes first, second, and third- and then some dude MAYBE lol

hence, i dont have a man

and a dude will ditch his friend to be with his gurl- i know, i have male friends who cry on my shoulder when they boyz do that, lol

Rhamier "2 Bad" Auguste said...

I'm #9 on my girl list and she is #1 on mine. Dont I feel like a dick

Da Hunni Toya said...