Friday, January 30, 2009

Check it Out!

WEll my lovlies, it's Friday...Woop Woop!!! It is the day of pay and I couldn't be any happier. Things are really working out over here. Except for my little friend who came to visit today.

Been listening to new music lately, and I'm really feeling these three songs.

Tierra Marie Ft. Pleasure P- Hung 4 You

Always liked Tierra Marie. She came out at the same time as Rihanna, but didn't quite get the love she she goes again though, and i like it :)

But speaking of Rihanna, who insist on calling herself ReRe, she has a new song as well.

Rihanna- Emergency Room

This song is crazzzzyyy cool. the lyrics actually make me laugh, luvs it :)

but throwing a guy into the mix, I really appreciate Ryan Leslie, and this song is hot

Ryan Leslie- How It Was Suppose to Be

Besides the songs, last night I saw


I ♥ it!!! It was so funny, sad, inspiring, and real. I recommend it 110%.
I walked out the movie theartre a bit upset though. The ignorance that resides in the world is heartbreaking. Him and Pac could have been even more great than they already were.

It's okay though becausee....

the mystery guy was there to save the day, he was good movie company

Hope you guys enjoy Super Bowl Weekend, WOOP WOOP!!!!

Who are you cheering for?

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niki.mac said...

Rihanna sounds a LOT like Beyonce in that song... I'm starting to not be able to tell them apart!

Amber-Alert said...

im still on rihanna's song bad girl lol...have a good weekend (man i wish today was pay day lol)

PhlyyGirl said...

I think both Tierra Marie and Pleasure P are underrated so I'm gonna give that a listen.
Riri--meh. I'm about over here.
Happy weekend to you too.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

and where have u been folk, dang where is the love

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Love this post, I'm a fux wit that joint.

A.M. said...

NAH man!!! Rihanna has got nothing on my Bey, no comparison.

@ Amber Alert:

Never heard it, just listened though...umm Chris needs to stop and i don't really like it. I t reminds me of something else, can't place my fingers on it hmph

yea she works my nerve sometimes too, but u should listen to's cute.

yea I know i suck...will be by shortly sir :)

@The bossmack
why thank ya dear :)

kmx. said...

I really like that song by Rihanna, I never liked Tierra Mari much. Ryan Leslie, that's my BOY! I love his music. I still gotta see Notorious. Juice was like OMG you still didn't see it, yada yada.

And hmm, Mystery Guy still hasn't been unveiled?! I'm gonna go all super secet agent and find out who he is, lol.


Latoya said...


A.M. said...

@ Kmx:
so we didn't win, but it's okay :)
No Tierra Marie, I likey her. & yes Ryan Leslie is da shit. U so should go see the movie.
Yes...the Mystery Guy is still under wraps :)

@ Latoya
good stuff right?!

Ms. Lovely said...

I loved Notorious--hated the dude that played Pac

omg..I was a lil skeptic about him but I LOVE some Ryan Leslie. That video is just too cute! LOL

Jillian said...

what's up with the Tierra video? looks like um a perfume commercial lol

now Ryan Leslie is THE TRUTH!!..people stay sleeping on him seriously! musical genius