Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Must Not Know Bout Me

Alrighty guys. I had a really cool post for you all, but you know shit happens so I feel the need to share this instead.

Like I've said, I'm taking the semester off at Temple and found someone to take over my room in my apartment. The ad I put up said the rent would be 650 furnished, and the person would be able to move in and start paying rent in Feb since I already payed the rent for January.

Found someone and she agreed to all the terms. The rent is really 600 but I added on 50 dollars for my furniture. I guess my whack ass roommate informed her that it's really 600 so now home girl decides to only deposit 1,200 into my account oppose to 1,300. When I asked her why, she said she thought the rent was 600.

1st WTF moment.

How could you think that? The post said 650, I told you 650, and you agreed to it. Then she goes, "well I thought the 50 dollars was for the furniture." So I straight up told her, "look! it's 650, what are you going to do? This is the way I wanted to rent my apartment and if you don't like it you have plenty of time to leave. You pretty much agreed on a price with me, moved into my house, decided what you wanted to pay, and then dictated that to me."


So i text her at like 1am-my bad- and said I would be coming to get my stuff tomorrow morning at 9am. Sorry abut the inconvenience but it's the only time my parents could make to come and if I don't get to come tomorrow, I don't know when I will be able to get my things.

This bitch tells me, "you can get your things, but I will be asleep. It's inconsiderate for you to come at 9 in the morning. All of your stuff is packed up in the living room" In other words, you can't come in the room.

Yea, she must have fell and bumped her head.

I have payed the rent, cable, and lights for January which is still not over, and she is living it out for free, still didn't deposit her extra 50 dollars, and she is telling me that she can't wake up for 5 mins to have me inspect the room and sign the agreement.

I swear, if I was some kind of hood bitch she would be getting her ass kicked tomorrow morning at 9:00AM sharp. Now my mom is all upset about it and is really like, we have no problem giving her her money back and finding someone else because shit is ridiculous.

Don't even know why she made a big deal about it because regardless, I'm gonna do what I have to do tomorrow.


3 inspirations:

Anonymous said...

She's Bugged Out.

I Got Your Back, I'll Kick Her In The Neck lol..

antithesis said...

some people, honestly...SMH. so inappropriate for your old roommate to have said anything but even worse that chick it outta pocket!

Miss Moody said...

It shouldn't matter if you're roommate said anything or not. If you decided to rent it for $800 and pocket the $200 for good measure, that's you're business. She agreed. Get your money, girl!