Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Pt....I've lost count!

The last two days have been really slow over here in me. Therefore, there is nothing eventful to report on. The most exciting thing that happened to me, or lack of was missing out on buying a pink jewelry box at my store which was on sale for 9.00 from 125.00...oh that made me upset.

Today was a day off so I just chilled with my BFF, we're having another one of our sleep overs :-) She is the primary reason I love being home from school.

There are some SERIOUS decisions I've made though but I figure I'll share it with my mom before getting on here and PSAing it. Hopefully she takes it well.

Other than that, just happy to be having a productive New Year thus far and SUPER EXCITED that my Sissy is back, ♥ her.

Oh yea, if you guys haven't heard this song by Bey, check it out it's called


♥ it. It's so mushy and she even mentions the hubby's name in it. That's a change huh? Just enjoying my new found ability to listen to Sad or mushy love songs and smillleee.

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Sexxy Luv said...

i just luv that woman!...Bey that is. (lol)

i'm glad to be back, not for sure if it's for good but we'll see. :)

i just luv how you and the bestie hang out and enjoy life, that's great!

♥ Sissy

Ms. Lovely said...

Ok, this song is cute. Glad ur making changes and I appreciate ur honesty :)

Amber-Alert said...

damn dont u hate when u miss out on a good sale like that!!

with bey u either love her or u love to hate her either way u end up on her jock strap lol

hope all goes well when u break whatever news to ur mom!

kmX said...

Glad your back @ home w/ the BFF! =) Fun fun fun. & For some reason (CB's) been on the brain lately, and I have no idea why!!! Omg...smh. Lol. idk what to do! But take care & hope Momma takes the news well ;)

Andre said...

me and my BFFAE are gonna have a sleep over when we pull back in, but with us both being guys and heterosexual, it'll just be me crashing at his cruib cause I'm too drunk to drive home!

and yeah you missed out on that bag... woomp woomp