Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Grown Up Kinda Day

So my day yesterday went went well. I wrapped everything up and went back to my house in an attempt to hide out from the 6 degree NYC weather. I swear, I think my brain is frozen, I hate it.I've always been a summer girl, so I'm officially starting my countdown to summer and their is only 4 months to go in my book.

I accomplished a good 99 percent of the things I wanted to do yesterday though, so that's good. The girl actually liked the apartment so now I don't have to worry about that anymore, just getting into school, which gives me extremely heavy boots.

I met up with my bff like I said I would, and it was nice catching up. Her newly married life has kept her kind of busy and we don't ever see each other anymore. So, over extremely cheap Thai food we had lunch and caught up. It was pretty good. We made a promise to try and do something together at least once per month :-)

Well my lovelies. I think I will wrap this up now. I'm out and about in the freezing ass city again, you think I would have learned my lesson from yesterday.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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dessex said...

My weekend will consist of me and the remote lol

karrie b. said...

good to know you're getting shit done. feels good dont it? i was supposed to have a meeting with some producers tonight but i dont think its happening. i might take myself to dinner and a movie. yup. take MYSELF.


A.M. said...

@ d: that's not so much of a bad look! :-)

@ ms.b :
It feels great, like I told u begore, I am all about the time spent with self. I can't wait to see "he's just not that into you." The selfhelp book was pretty good.

Good luck with da singing though :)

Darius T. Williams said...

Glad you got tons of stuff done - good!

Me - I'm relaxing because it's back to work in the morning!

aLwAySz said...

I don't remember what i did.
Oh yeah Just Skunted up the place, in my bed.

But what are heavy boots?

A.M. said...

@ Darius:
Hope that monday went well

@ Alwayz: I got it out of my favorite book. The kid always says he has heavy boots when he's depressed, down and out, that kinda thing. Or when something bothers him.