Monday, November 10, 2008



Okay before I get to all my truth telling, I gotta vent some. Men are sooo retarded.

Guy #1
He's an Eagles' fan, I'm a Giants' fan. He's a man so obviously he's waaaayyy more into football than I am. I support the Giants because they are my home team. I may not watch all the games, I may not know the names of all the players, but I do keep tabs on them. So this guy was sure that the Eagles were gonna win tonight and I told him, "nah homie sit down, my GIANTS have got this all the way."

Needless to say I was right. So I straight gloated on his ass like us girls do. You know "hahhaha!!! your team sucks, they lost at their home field. Told you I was gonna win...hahhaha you lost!!"

Then homey really got upset like "name five players on the team." Umm seriously I have to prove nothing to no man but my home boy Jesus upstairs. Told him he needed to fall way back. Here he goes with the "well you're a fake fan, you just joined the ban wagon because they won the super bowl," yea whatever homey.

So I had to tell him like it was. You can try to get me upset all you want, you can hang up, be a jerk but after all that ya still got ya ass wooped, by my team, in ya home stadium...then I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF some more.

Then he was like, "good night."
My response: PEACE
what a dumb ass!!!

Guy #2
He's all upset because I called him today to ask if he called me last night after our visit. He said yes it was from his house phone, my response:
"oh cool alrighty just wanted to see who the number belonged to and I thought it might have been yours"
Him: you not even gonna ask how I'm doing?
Me: No! Bye

Called him back tonight and he's all like, he doesn't want to talk to me because of the way I acted earlier. Whatever dude.

Okay so I know that was a bit mean but WTF ever, he deserves it much. I hate guys like him. We dated each other through out the summer, he made me like him HARD, and then fell back... REALLY REALLY hard. The comments he would make made me think, "wow he thinks he's got me wrapped around his finger."

Sorry I've done it before and I WILL NOT do it again. Why should I be feaning for someone who isn't feaning for him, and that's exactly what he wants. When I was nice to him it got me nowhere. Now that I'm on my "I don't really care" biz...he wants to be upset

UGH!!! this is why I'm single and plan on keeping it that way for a LONNNGGG time to come. It's all about me, and I don't wanna even bother to care about U. Men!!!

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Jayne Dough said...

lol girl guys can be so anal sometimes. i love football and basketball. i was such a rough ass tom boy growing up. now im more girly. but on sundays i wanna curl up with a corona and sweats and watch the games all day. this guy i was dating thought i was frontin and i turned out to be a bigger sports fan then him.
like u said u dont own anyone any explanation. he needs to get that stick out his ass.

i see you over there pimpin. lol

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

wow @ guy 1 this is hilarious...guys really be takin it to heart when it comes to sports.

and wow @ guy2 for being a sensitive pmsing little girl.

Da Hunni Toya said...




Sasha said...

yo that game was TENSE. Jacobs could not hang onto the ball and suddenly everyone on our team thought they could fly and kept leaping up in the air over people and getting the shit knocked out of them.

we WON but it was *this* close. eli threw an interception the first minute of the damn game!!!

men are sore losers so i dont doubt he's being a sissy about it. its what they do. i was watching my ex and his friend play madden once, and the boy lost and said "the air conditioning is on too high and its blowing my concentration" he wanted you to name five players as if it was going to negate the fact that the eagles lost??? you should have said,"Sorry but naming five players wont get that touchdown y'all so desperately needed in the last 5 minutes of the game. Yea that ONE yard you needed on fourth down and couldnt get??? naming five player wont get you that first down y'all needed either."



Brothers Blog said...

LMAO @ guy #1. I watched the game last night and I knew the Giants were going to win. It was actually a really good hard fought game by both teams. But yeah how he gone get mad it's a game and one that you're not playing in so rooting from the couch shouldn't get you that upset. lol. Hell my Chicago Bears lost yesterday too. Suck it up season still not over.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u what i call a mac momma - back at the ranch my titans 9-0

Sexxy Luv said...

dang sissy you have options i need to get like you...i get all wrapped in one and that is my only "man focus" and when it doesn't work out i'm shattered! lol

guy #1 is a jerk and a typical guy.

guy #2 is thirsty for attention and wants you to replenish him, glas you didn't! sucka!!!!

Cat Hill said...

Hey girl...sometimes I swear u be posting about things I be thinking...omg like really what is wrong with some guys...My story relates 2 the 2nd guy...since when did guys get so sensitive...I fell asleep 4got 2 call dude then when I call he wants 2 act up...I'm too through stressin over a man...I can't wait 4 that one and only, that Jada and Will Smith love or that Bey and Jay love...

Ms. Lovely said...

How did i miss this?

I hate when guys say you're not a real fan..blah blah blah..BTW i'm a Giants fan too!!! (and I can't name 5 players on the team but SO WHAT!)

And that other guy is a loser. Guys are worse than girls sometimes..I swear they love attention!