Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cause I'm Dreaming Pt.2

Happy Christmas Eve guuuyyss. So much to share with you all as usual. Over the last couple days I've been kinda weird. You know happy, then upset, stressed. I think its all due to the fact that I'm broke. Like dead broke :( Or maybe it's just early PMSing.

With school and work I only make enough to pay for the necessities so shopping has been at an all time minimal.

But anyway last night I had another one of thooossee dreams...


It was super weird.

I dreamt that my bff from high school and I were going to an event. You guys ever seen one of those movies or shows when the kids are in high school and its one of those dances when the girl has to ask the guy but she waits too long, ask later, only to find out that some other girl has asked him? Well my dream was like that.

So my bff and I go to the event. In order to ask the guy, you have to give them a clear gift box with a red bow. My bff gave hers to her real life husband and he accepted it and they were happy.

Get this! My two options was my ex and one of his good friends. This friend of his I swear I am sooooo not attracted to him at all. And no its not on some subconscious shit, I don't like that nig.

So I'm standing there trying to decide who I should give my box to, and after some thought, I gave it to my ex. Except his new GF popped up and put her box in his hand before I could put mine. So I was just like "okay" and moved on to his friend.

But as I was about to give the gift to the friend, his friend's real life gf popped up and gave him her box.

I ran off crying and embarrassed.

A friend of mine analyzed it and I was like,"wow you are awesome."

But what do you guys think this dream could mean?

Besides that...
Today is my munchkin's-the ex's little brother- 3rd Birthday!!!


He's one of those little kids you can't help to love, and he's growing up so fast. Remember when he was just like a day old.

Happy Birthday my Munchkin!

4 inspirations:

Ms. Lovely said...

aww..that dream is so freaky!

LOL@ I don't like that nig

Happy Holidays lovely!

Sexxy Luv said...

i think your dream was trying to tell you that you will be let down by another man who is some what just like your ex. lol

don't you just love christmas eve babies!

karrie b. said...

im not a dream interpreter (wish i was) but sometimes, dreams bring forth our deepest desires and deepest fears. it's something you've been supressing lately. remmeber how i told you i had that dream about you the other day? you just made a guest appearance. nothing major, no worries.

love ya.


Latoya said...