Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Present

So Christmas was okay. Nothing special really happened until i received the perfect Christmas Present.

Don't really want to get into it yet, but there is this guy I know. Him and I talk quite frequently, let's say everyday, for hours. I remember once telling him that when I was a little girl i got "Grover Goes to School" as a present from a teacher for doing well in all of my classes. It was one of my favorite books and i lost it.

So guess what guys???

this is what he got me for Christmas...


Yep he sure did get me this book. Ahh man. I hate opening presents infront of people because I feel like that's the one time they can tell how I truly feel. I was smiling ALLLLLLLL over the place

Pretty cool guy!!!

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TimahTimah said...

He's awesome! Very thoughtful gift. He gets major kudos for that gift.

Ms. Lovely said...

aww..that is so freakin cute lol..I love a guy who is thoughtful like that. Keep him around :)

karrie b. said...

i could just imagine how huge your smile must have been! you have a pretty big smile. i know this from experience!


K@LiENTe said...

wow, that was really nice of him...


that's something u will never forget.

Andre said...

thats even better than 'the velveteen rabbit'!

(vixenchick) said...

aw! that's so sweet! and i love the new pic in your banner!

love you!



Anonymous said...

Thats sweet, kinda like something from a movie.

A.M. said...

yes he does!

@Ms. Lovely
That's def him & he's a keeper def if it's just friendship:)

@Karrie b.
aww thank u :-)

u know u are so right...I won't

Neva seen it :/

@ vixenchick
thank u luv :)

isn't it?!

Cat Hill said...

I kno I'm late after u made ur rounds but I think that's the most sweetest thing ever... I luv when guys are sentimental when u think they not listening but they really were luvs gets me everytime!!! lol

Latoya said...


aLwAySz said...

When i read 1st read this (last year, lol)
I thought it was pretty sweet.
Kudos to the guy but im totally Jealous!