Friday, December 19, 2008

Sharing is Caring!

Quite a bit to share with you guys today!!! Ready?

Girl Meets Boy

Girl meets boy standing on the 1 train platform. Boy starts talking to girl.
Girl finds boy intriguing. Boy takes 3 train, girl takes 2 train. Boy's train
comes first and he opts to not take it and wait for 2 train with girl. 2 train
comes and boy and girl get on together. Boy and girl engage in conversation
about quite a bit. Guy flirts, girl flirts back. Guy and girl cover careers, school, art, locations, and some more on the 15 min train ride. Guy stop arrives and guy says to girl,"nice meeting u!" and slowly but surely exits the train.

WTF just happened? I thought we were connecting? I guess not. Super weird man.
And honestly he seemed like he wanted to ask for the number but something was
holding him back.
Oh wellz...

Scratched out...Erased

So today I'm at work on my Blackberry browsing through Face Book, looking for a friend who happens to have the same name as my ex. A list of all my friends with the same name pops up, but I notice the ex is no longer on the list. I type in his name, and low and behold, that shit straight up read, "You don't have a friend by the name if M*****." First words out my mouth, "oh wow!" He really deleted me as a friend. Let's see, felt bad for .0000000000001 sec then laughed. I told a friend about it, and she said it's probably his girlfriend's doing, I'm like okay, that's immature. Regardless of the fact that we had a relationship, I kept him on there because we still went to high school together and all of my friends on there are people I went to school with since elementary. She- my friend- says it shows he's thinking of you. I say...hope he's not.
Oh wellz...

Christmas gift 2005, Age 18

HEY HEY HEY!!! At that time it was HOT...and everyone wanted one :) & I luved Pink!

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Anonymous said...

-lol that is kind of weird... why put in the work and leave it unfinished

- i know when i erased my ex off of facebook it was because i was tired of see'n her face when i searched my friends... but everyone is different

some dudes do that for attention.

kmx. said...

That's odd, wtf. He obviously didn't know what he was passin up!...He did alla that to just say "Nice meetin you." Idiot...

He could've done it just so when you realized it, it would make you feel bad which didn't work because you laughed it his plan didn't work. Or it could've been his girl and well, chicks do really petty thingss.

I had one too! But mine was the lighter pink one. I loved it.

Latoya said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks For The Blog Luv Pretty Lady

& You Should Be Ashamed That U Stomp Your Feet And All That .. Your Too Old!! LOL

And It Was My Mom That Died..

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - oh well is right. I'm glad you were upset for a nanosecond. Besides, you're probably better off without him!

Um, that pink phone was hot then - it's amazing that pink isn't in anymore like that.

Sexxy Luv said...

Morning sissy, next time you have a girl and guy situation like that offer your number! Lol

Oh well, I'm sure he deleted you because you didn't send a happy birthday to him. Hehehe
I had that phone too! I use to love it until I got my BB.

StarzGazR said...

I completly agree with sexxy luv- its about to be 2009.. OFFER THE NUMBER!!! lmao!!

and ur ex is wack..point blank!! if his girl made him do that then she must feel threaten by you... because its not like you were ALL OVER HIS WALL leaving comments... ugh.lame.ass

StarzGazR said...

o by the way.. you've been awarded/tagged lol!

Go on my blog :)

Merry Xmas!!

aeriin said...

i still have a razr! the [red] one