Friday, December 12, 2008

My BFF is Better Than Yours!!!

Today is another day, the beginning of the weekend. Weekends don't really speak to me anymore because I work everyday through them since I have classes during the week.

But anyhow, my bestie and I had lots of fun together, as usual, doing our regular nothing lol.

She came over Wed night. When I got home from school, in Philly, she was sitting in my living room waiting, was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see her. We just chilled for the rest of the evening and got ready for our Thursday.

Woke up Thursday morning and it won't stop raining. A little rain couldn't hold us down though, so we journeyed off to her therapy appointment for her back. It's crazy all the things she has to do there, but I'm happy cause she is beginning to feel better.

We then went to her job, she had to get some stuff done there, since her back is messed up and after ventured into the village for some Thai at Prem-on .It's a cool Thai Restaurant we discovered for my 20th Birthday.


Pic came out blurry, but we're power nerds...gotta take our glasses off to eat.

After a Thai lunch in the rain, we ventured off to our play land- Toy R Us- to buy PINK UNO, but they were sold out. I'm obsessed with the Pink Board Games, already have Pink Monopoly. Gonna have a Pink Martini Party, you guys wanna come?

It was pretty much a rap after that, because it wouldn't stop raining. So we just came back to my house, ordered some Dominoes, watched What "Happens in Vegas...", and fell out.

Having a best friend Rocks!!!

P.S. I had mad pics to share but stupid ass Photobucket was acting up...AGAIN!

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Ava Dior said...

oh yay!
glad y'all had such a good time.

kmx. said...

I wish I did more cool things w/
my girls! Sounds like you guys had a good time. I would soooo go to the martini party but I'm still underage, hehe. Have a great weekend! ♥

Latoya said...


Sexxy Luv said...

morning my lil sissy,

i have to take a trip to toysrus on monday, i'm going to see if they have pink UNO and if they do guess who i'm getting it for?....Yep. YOU!!!!! lol

glad you and the bestie had fun with one another, rain is nothing imagine throwing some kids in the mix. lol

♥ sissy

A.M. said...

@sexxy luv:
Awww my missy!!! I missed u times a zillion. Pink uno for me? Seee this is why ur the best big sis ever. And I can only imagine trying to run around with 3 kids lol. Kiss my nephews and niece :)

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm jealous - looks like u had a great time!

A.M. said...

In a few yrs my dear :)

Yea u should be jealous. Jk jk. :)

aeriin said...

thai food is the best! sounds even better in the rain tho, ill have to check that out :)

interesting blog by the way, i think ill stick around for a bit

Velle Of CPC said...

i dont have a bff anymore :'( *tear*

i miss those days.

A.M. said...

@ aeriin:
I look forward to seeing you around ;)

@ Velle
sucks man :/

Velle Of CPC said...

yea sucks bigg time

& i will make a post praising your name if you EVER see charles hamilton on my blog again.

love&nappyness said...

lol awwww i love my bff too! she lives in boston and i live in dc (she moved back after we graduated and best believe we were BAWLING when we had to part ways) i miss her so much but we try to visit each other every few we chat everyday on gmail lol can't go more than 2 days without talking to her ! <3

aLwAySz said...

LMAO @ "Power Nerds" if i wore my glasses i'd probably get food all over them.

Glad you had fun and rainy days are the shiznite. . . cept when they mess up ur plans.
Wasn't "What happens in Vegas" a sleeper?
That movie was good.