Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Grown Up Christmas List

This girl's got expensive taste. I may not want much, but everything I want is pretty darn up there. Check out my

My Grown Up Christmas List!


An I-Touch would be pretty sweet


Some UGGs to keep my toezes warm


Every girl wants Tiffany's ;)


I really wanna be rocking one of these this winter...But I highly doubt it. $1,990.00 Prada Jacket. Maybe something similar?

& hey if Santa Clause Really exist...



What's on your Christmas List?

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Ms. Lovely said...

lol@ Bey

I told my mom I wanted this 48 color eye shadow kit from Sephora..I never really want much either but I feel you on having expensive taste. I stay picking up >$200 shoes in Macy's only to have to put them back :(

Sexxy Luv said...

i love the new pictures sissy! FAB, and most def. HAWT! :)

i want a man to be in my bed on the 25th! lol

if you get Bey can we share her?...please you know i heart her just as much as you do. lol

and yes, every girl MUST have little teal boxes sitting on the vanity. :)

loveandnappyness said...

wait... i love you for two reasons:

1) u stayyyy posin all sex-kitten like on the closest bar!! lol luvs it

2) NO U DID NOT BUT MY (former) BOO BOOS B2K on this xmas playlist!!!! i was obsessed.

santa hooked me up this year
santa hooked me up this yearrr


fizz + me 4 life

k lemme get outta here lolol

Ms. Minnie said...

Lol@ beyonce

But all I want for christmas is a video camcorder...

I want to start video blogging!

A.M. said...

@ ms.lovely:
Yum. Make up is always lots of fun and I know what u mean about seeing stuff and putting it right back. I've been on a crazy budget lately.

Yay u stopped in. Good luck with that christmas list, I know it won't be happening over here. We probably have better luck getting bey for christmas lol


When did I have another pic posed up on a bar?lol
And guuuurrrlll u don't know the half of my b2k obsession 8 yrs ago when I first met them smh. One say I shall share if I find pics :)

Sounds good :)

Yves said...

Those i-pod touches are nice.

Latoya said...