Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Halo on my Diva!


I'm back. Nothing much to share today actually. Just here obsessing over My Bey's new videos



I swear I love this girl. She's so Virgolicious in Diva and so girly and youthful in Halo.

Oh yea, seriously if you don't like the videos you're bugging and please please go hate somewhere else..luvs ya hehe :)


courtesy of my gurl Cat Hill I was told Ciara made a remix to my Bey's Diva. Here it goes:

major WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C needs to sit her ass down. Don't like it.
okay...I'm done :)

Can you guys tell I'm passionate about my Bey?

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Cat Hill said...

Yea Beyonce kills it everytime...I swear Diva is my anthem...did u hear Ciara made a remix 2 diva...let's just say she ain't touchin BEY!!! Oh I really can't get that "Hello" song out my head!!!

A.M. said...

@Cat Hill:
aww man i misss u and i wanna view ya blog. send me the email agaun :)

kmx. said...

I always liked Beyonce but the new album is CRACK! She really is bad, gotta give it to her. I love Halo =) & Diva...woo too hot for words lol. She was gettin it, big time. Oh and I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Ciara. Like as much as you like Bey, but lately she just "Ehh" to me...I kinda like her lil rmx to Diva though lol.

Sexxy Luv said...

If I could marry Bey I would! Lol

I just love her and she's killin' it in both the videos!

Darius T. Williams said...

Her vids are so dope - I love that chick!

A.M. said...

@ kmx:
Glad ur feeling by Bey as much as I am.

@ Sissy:
maybe we can both get married to her lol

@ Darius:
Tambien mi amor, tambien :)


i heart beyonce too..i watch videos over and over to see if i missed sumthin

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i listened to halo not too long ago today ...the videos arent playing when i try :-((

Cat Hill said...

I miss u 2 thanks 4 the shoutout luv:) too bad my blog is private due 2 certain people who shall remain nameless but anywhoo my e-mail address is: I might have 2 add u again to invite list if that doesn't work...when I have more time I think I want to make another blog bigger and better...even tho u can't view my I still view Yours <3<3<3Cat Hill<3<3<3